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Stages for Baby Food : 5 best Ingredients Idea for Baby Food

Stages for Baby Food – If babies are already 6 to 12 months old, it means you can initiate offering food to them. This should be the most awaited time for most parents. You may often hear that you should give purees to babies when they start eating. But actually, there are various stages for baby food in puree. And those stages are useful to help keep parents on track in the first several months. What are those stages?

Stages for baby food

Single-ingredient purees (Stage 1)

Purees on the first stages for baby food only use a single-ingredient. You can give this type of puree to babies around 6 months old. The purees have a smooth texture and thin consistency. You have to finely-pure an ingredient until there are no single pieces left so the baby can swallow it well. It is recommended to start making your first puree from a vegetable or fruit and single grain cereal.

Multiple-ingredient purees (Stage 2)

After the babies reach 7 months old, in the second stages for baby food, you can start making purees from multiple ingredients. Of course, the texture and consistency will be slightly thicker than before. As it does not have to be finely-pureed, the oral skills of babies would have developed greatly in this stage. You are recommended to mix several vegetables and fruits or even yogurt.

Blended foods (Stage 3)

In the third stages for baby food, you are not only giving purees to babies. But they need to start chewing what they eat. So, it is important to leave some chunks of the food so that your baby can chew from their food. You can also offer finger food to develop grip skills. The right age for blended foods for babies is when they reach 9 months old.

Ideally, once your baby reaches approximately 12 months old, you can start introducing baby led weaning (BLW) food to your baby, so that your baby will start to become familiar with solid food.

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5 Ingredients Idea for baby food

Ingridients idea for baby food

After knowing the stages for baby food and how to make baby food based on the age of your baby, you might have some more questions regarding the baby feeding process. For example, how about the ingredients for baby food? New mothers may have no idea what ingredients they need to make purees. That is why in this segment, we will show and help you to understand several ingredients ideas for baby food that are good for your baby. On the list below, you will find recommendations of several ingredients’ ideas for baby food. Prepare a paper with the pen, don’t forget to take some notes!

1. Avocado

Ingridients for Baby Food Avocado
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This ingredient is the most acceptable choice for baby foods. It has a soft texture and is easy to make into purees. Avocado is also a recommended ingredient stages for baby food because it has a low risk of allergies. There are nearly zero cases of allergies because of it, so there is no need to worry too much.

2. Banana

Ingridients for Baby Food Banana
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Another soft and sweet ingredient stages for baby food is bananas. Bananas are rich in carbohydrates and vitamin c. This fruit makes a perfect baby food for any stages of baby food. The process of making baby food using bananas is always simple. On top of that, the puree tastes sweet and babies will surely dig it.

3. Bean

Ingridients for Baby Food beans
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Beans can be a source of protein that may cause some allergies for some of us. That is why, if you want to know whether your baby is allergic to beans or not, start to give them beans since the first stages of baby food. Just give it without being mixed with other ingredients. If your baby is not allergic to beans, then it is a good food to use to make a variety of purees.

4. Blueberry

Ingridients for Baby Food Blueberry
Source Image :

Who does not love blueberries? Even most babies love this sweet and healthy fruit. It is packed with antioxidants that are good for your baby’s health. You can easily mix it with yogurt or oatmeal to make a variety foods in stages for baby food. Normally, blueberries are used as complimentary ingredients in the 2nd or 3rd stages of baby food.

 5. Mango

Ingridients for Baby Food Mango
Source Image :

To make baby food, you can use mango too. Mango rich in fiber and vitamin C. But you have to make sure that it tastes sweet and not sour. If it is too sour, you can mix another sweet fruit for second or third stages of baby food. But if you want to make it as a single-ingredient puree, please be extra careful. Nevertheless, this fruit is good and can help to boost your baby’s immune system.

Allergic Reaction to Baby Food

The first day when you start giving solid foods to your baby is an awaited moment but also comes with a lot of uneasiness. Food allergies are the most popular source of parents’ uneasiness when trying to give their babies solid food. And yes, the allergic reaction to your baby might shock you. That is why you have to know how to avoid them. Besides that, you need to understand what allergic reactions that may happen to your baby that you can find out as soon as possible.

You can identify allergic reactions to baby food very soon. Usually, after the food is eaten, a reaction such as rash will directly appear. That is why you need to keep an eye out for several reactions below every time you are introducing new food to your little one.

·         Rash; flushed skin

·         Lip and face swelling

·         Vomit and/or diarrhea

·         Wheezing

·         Difficult to breath

·         Hives

To prevent severe allergic reactions, you need to start to gradually identify food allergies. As mentioned above, always start by giving them the first stages for baby food. You can try the food for more than a day and see how your baby reacts to it. Besides that, you need to always watch out for the reaction developed after they eat. If a baby has already developed difficulty breathing, you need to immediately ask for help from a pediatrician.

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Baby Food for Constipation

After giving solid foods to babies based on stages for baby food theory, there might be noticeable changes in baby poop. you don’t have to worry as long as they are still pooping regularly. The problem occurs when constipation happens. The parents need to know how to relieve constipation as soon as possible. Not many people know that relieving baby constipation is as simple as giving them food for constipation and avoiding foods that cause it.

Now, go check out the following list to know what is baby food for constipation you can give to your baby.

·         Water

Water For Baby Constipation
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Sometimes the digestive system of the baby only needs liquid to be able to normal again. So, you can introduce water to your baby. But please only give them small sips of water. Or it is even better if you change the consistency of your baby food to be a lot juicy by using more water when making it in the stages of baby food.

·         Peaches

Ingridients for Baby Food Peaches
Source Image :

The same as the previous reason, your baby needs more water. If you do not want to give too much water to your baby, you can give them watery fruits like peaches. Actually, there are other fruits with a juicy texture. So, you can choose which one is easier to find around you.

·         Broccoli

Ingridients for Baby Food Broccoli
Source Image :

Anything containing high fiber is good for the digestive system. That is why vegetables are really recommended as baby food for constipation you can choose from. For example, you can use broccoli to mix in the baby food and get the things normal again.

·         Brown Rice

Ingridients for Baby Food Brown Rice
Source Image :

Another food with high fiber is rice brown. So instead of using white rice, try to make baby food in stages of baby food by using brown rice. The fiber in it will surely help soften your baby’s stool then constipation will eventually stop.

·         Beans

Beans For Baby Constipation
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Last but not least, do not forget to give beans as baby food. Beans are good for your baby’s digestive system, and they always like the savory taste of it. So do not panic! You can stop the baby’s constipation with the right choice of food.

What baby food should be introduced first?

Nearing the end of our discussion, you need to know what baby food should be introduced first to your baby. Ingredients for the food are your choice. But you need to keep the following tips and stages for baby food in mind while preparing your baby’s first food.

·         Make it as soft as possible, don’t leave any chunk behind.

·         Start with a single-ingredient food for several days instead of a mixed one.

·         Testing for food allergies is recommended for babies with special cases.

·         Prevent always giving baby cereal.

·         Do not even try giving your baby instant food.

Can I give my 4 months old baby food?

Giving baby food to 4 months old babies is not recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The reason behind it is because introducing food at this age raises the risk of weight gain and obesity for the infant even later in early childhood. However, in some cases, especially when the baby weight is less than standard normal, some pediatricians recommend starting feeding babies earlier (at 5 months old). The ingredients themselves need to be specialized to high protein, iron, fat, and carbohydrates such as liver, beef fat, potato, rice, chicken stock, and so on. 

When should I introduce water to my baby?

Water can be introduced along with the introduction of baby food to the baby (usually at 5 to 6 months babies old). To introduce your baby with the water, use a cup or beaker and give a sip of water beside the baby meals. Please use a free-flow cup without a valve to help the baby learn how to sip. It is also good for your baby’s teeth. Normally, babies from 6-12 months old need 2 – 8 ounce water per day beside the liquid they get from breast milk and formulated milk.

Now, are you ready to introduce baby food to your baby? Have you prepared all the things you need? Do you have too many questions on your mind right now? It means now is the time to take off! You have to be careful but do not stress too much. Eventually, every parent will master all about baby foods after time passes. And of course, you will too!

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