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How to Homeschooling : 8 Fine Homeschooling Fact to Know Before Start

The best education for children is what every parent wants to provide. As the world keeps changing, parents can only give the best education for their children to be successful in life. But formal education in school is not the only choice parents have now. There is homeschooling where children can get an education at home as well as they can get in school. So how to homeschooling?

What is Homeschooling?

What Is Homeschooling
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Even though many parents already choose to home school their children, many of them still not sure exactly what is and how to homeschooling. As an homeschooling fact, homeschooling is a type of education where you as parents are also the educators of your children. It might seem too radical, but it works. There are millions of children receiving education through homeschooling now.

The are several homeschooling fact and reasons in why parents decide to homeschool their children. Some of them find out that their children learn better when individually taught by them, so they choose to homeschool. Some others may find their children who are have special illness will have difficulties to follow formal education pace, so homeschooling is better for them. There might be more reasons behind the decision of parents homeschooling their children. What you need to know is homeschooling is good for any reason or any age of your children, as long as both you and your children can enjoy the process and get benefit from it.

How to homeschooling

If you are still new and do not know how to homeschooling your children, you will need a guide to homeschooling. There are some homeschooling fact and useful tips you can use to help you start homeschooling your children. Follow the explanation below to know more about it!

  • Find Out the Homeschooling Laws in Your Country

To start homeschooling your children, you need to know how to homeschooling and the homeschooling regulations in your country. Homeschool is legal in many countries. But if you are not sure about the legalities of homeschooling in your country, you can research the available sources. If needed, you can also ask for guidance from the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). They offer great help to parents who are not sure about the legal standing of homeschooling in many countries.

  • Understand Your Children’s Learning Styles

After finding out how to homeschooling and the homeschooling laws and legal standing in your area, now you need to focus on your children’s learning styles. Every child has a different learning style. If you want your child to enjoy the process of learning at home, you need to start by knowing what they can enjoy. Get to know your child is the best asset to plan for your homeschooling activity.

  • Research Homeschooling Methods 

The learning styles of your children come with the best learning approach to it. You can do some research on learning approaches and methods. Consider how to homeschooling related to your children learn method, you need to do research and decide what type of learning methods that will work for your children. And do not forget to determine whether it works for you or not, as you will be the educator who conducts all the lessons.

  • Explore the Best Match Curriculum for Your Children

Now, you already have the learning approach and how to homeschooling, and yet you still don’t have the curriculum? Well, do not shock because there are so many types of curriculum in this world. There is no special curriculum which is better than others. Every curriculum has advantages and disadvantages. You can explore each of them to find out which curriculum match your children’s need the most. Based on the curriculum you choose, you can prepare the lesson plans and learning resources then.

  • Organize the Homeschooling Schedules

Based on the curriculum you choose, now you can start the making of schedules. You can make a daily schedule that contains information about the resources and learning location too. Yes, it is because homeschooling can be done outside of the home too. After the schedule is complete, you can take a breath and get started! You don’t have to worry about anything because you will get any help you need from people around you.

Now you already know about how to homeschooling. next, you might have question what is the different between homeschooling and formal education? we will help you to answer your inquiry.

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Difference Between Homeschooling and Formal Education Programs

Homeschooling is a form of informal education that is different from what most kids know about a school. But what makes it informal? how to homeschooling? What is the main difference between them?

  • The Educators

The first difference between homeschooling and formal education is educators. The formal school has educators who come from a great academic background. Not only that, educators of formal schools are taking monthly or yearly training to be better in their teaching jobs. While homeschooling children only have their parents as the teacher. But it does not mean that parents can’t have the same knowledge as what teachers have. As long as parents want to learn, they can teach almost everything.

  • The Curriculum Choices

Homeschooling gives parents the freedom to choose what curriculum they want for their child. While enrolling children in a specific school gives you no choice but to follow the curriculum they already use. Even though you find the curriculum is not fulfilling what your child’s need, you can not do anything about it.

  • The Interaction and Social Development

As many people already said, the interaction and social development of children who are homeschooling and attend formal school are also different. Homeschooling children are not learning with classmates, so they may not have many experiences interacting and socializing with their same-age friends. But parents can fulfill what is missing by taking their child to learn outside from home and meet more friends.

  • The Cost

The last difference between homeschooling and formal school is the cost. The formal school has a fixed cost that you have to pay monthly or annually. Homeschooling, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to plan your children’s education fees. You are the one who decides how much money you want to spend on your homeschooling activities.

Homeschooling fact

As more parents now decide to homeschool their children, the demand for information about homeschooling is also increasing. To help you understand homeschooling better, you need to know how to homeschooling and you can learn about some homeschooling facts below.

  1. Parents are not the only source of knowledge
  2. Socialization for kids is not an issue
  3. When facing troubles, just take a break
  4. All academic levels are possible to teach
  5. Homeschooling can be free
  6. The schedules are not rigid
  7. You should not focus on what other says
  8. You will do better as the time passes away

Tips for Homeschooling

How to Homeschooling
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Starting homeschooling your children comes with an enormous responsibility. But you should not be overwhelmed by it. You may feel the fear of making a mistake, but as long as you follow the following tips, you can keep going.

  • Fun is a Must!

Your homeschooling activities must be fun. Try to find games ideas as many as you can. Do not hesitate to take your children to go on a field trip. Whatever you do to teach your children, do not forget that fun is a must! And it is important that you as the parents also feel the fun!

  • Be Flexible!

Do not be rigid to your homeschooling plan. Be flexible about everything. Be flexible to your children, be flexible to the schedule, be flexible to what you expect from the lesson. It does not mean that you should not try to achieve the learning goals. But, you shouldn’t force yourself because of your stress. The kids will eventually learn, do not worry!

  • Don’t Compare!

An important tip for you while homeschooling your children is never compared. Not ever compare your children and their learning achievement to what you can achieve or others’. It will only make you more frustrated with how the lesson goes. Just accept what you have right now and try to achieve more while learning together with your children.

  • Know When to Break!

Of course, you need to know when to break. Homeschooling might make you think there is no need to break as you and your child can go to toilets time by time, or maybe even eat. But you need to take a break. A break is important to have a quiet moment for each of you by yourself. And every human need breaks!

Cost of Homeschooling

You already know how to homeschooling, but how about the cost? Well, homeschooling cost depends on you as educators. You are the one who determines what kind of learning resources and kits your children need. So homeschooling can cost as much as you want to spend.

Of course, there is no school fee to pay. About the books, if you use free resource books, then you can homeschool for free. But you still need to pay for other expenses like stationery and electricity. Nowadays, there are many online resources you can access for free to homeschool your children. That is why you do not have to worry about the cost. Homeschooling cost is all about how much you can spend!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Homeschooling

Advantages Disadvantages Homeschooling

Benefit of Homeschooling

The homeschooling process is different for each family. Start from the curriculum to the schedule, and even the extracurricular is all vary based on the preference of the parents. That is how the benefit of homeschooling may vary too.

But there are several benefits of homeschooling that generally experiences by all families. First, homeschooling your children gives you the freedom to create the learning atmosphere your child’s need. If you have a child who loves learning by reading, then you can create a lesson plan of learning with a lot of reading activities. There are no constraints of a grade level to what your child can learn.

On top of that, homeschooling also gives parents the freedom to learning process schedules that works with your life events. Your child is sick for days. Well, you do not have to worry that they will be left behind like what may happen in formal school. You can also set up a homeschooling plan that can work with your family’s travel schedules. All are flexible for homeschooling children and parents!

Disadvantages of Homeschooling

How about the downsides of homeschooling? Homeschooling does not look so promising for others because, as an educator, you are not comparable with teachers with a good training and education background. But that is not a big problem, as long as you commit to being a lifelong learner who learns along with your children.

Besides that, many people also point out that homeschooling is not good for the social development of children. They said the children might lose the skills to function in society. Well, this can be solved by not limiting your homeschooling lesson done only at home. You can homeschool your children outside the home too. And the social development of your children will not face any obstacles.

Is homeschooling bad?

After learning about the good and downsides of homeschooling, what can you conclude? Is homeschooling bad for your children? Well, homeschooling is always good as long as you know how to commit to it. It might seem unthinkable or unbelievable at first, but soon you will realize that homeschooling is sure can help your children.

Again, as long as both you and your children can feel the benefit, then it is good. All the downside can be solved by keep researching and learning. You can also reach for support from Support Groups because homeschool is all about community. You can share, ask, and discuss everything about your children’s education with the groups. So instead of stressing yourself, you should learn from others’ experiences!

How many hours of homeschooling are required?

You, as the educators, can decide how many hours a day your children need to homeschool. So, there is no exact answer to this question. The best guide to help you determine the hours of homeschooling is to determine the learning goals first. Starting from what you want to achieve, you can schedule your children’s homeschooling pace.

On average, homeschooling may take 4 to 5 hours a day. But for a higher level of education which requires a more intense learning process, you can adjust the schedule carefully. But again, homeschooling is flexible. Do not struggle in it and always keep the fun throughout the learning!

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