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8 Negative Childhood Obesity Effects and Its Best Solution

Obesity is known as a condition which a body has excessed body fat in an extreme amount. The trend of obesity is rising significantly among kids. Furthermore, no doubt that child obesity causes several health problems nowadays. We need to study and understand these childhood obesity effects on health so that we can find the best solution or better to prevent this obesity.

There are many factors that can cause kids become obese. In some cases, It only takes a short time to make a kid become one. If you are parents of overweight children, please read and understand thoroughly the following explanation about childhood obesity effects so you can prevent it as soon as possible.

In addition, it is better to make a comprehensive plan as a perfect solution to help your obese children so it will not cause complications. Therefore, you can also find the recommended solution for child obesity in this article.

The Long Term Effects of Childhood Obesity

The Long Term Effects of Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity effects can come in many forms of health problems. As you may also notice, children who are obese have unhealthy eating habits and don’t like to exercise. In that case, several health problems are developing at higher risk.

Here are some health problems that you should be aware of. They are more likely to happen to your child as the childhood obesity effects. Thus, you need to take notes of the symptoms and notice whether your child has them or not

1. Diabetes in childhood obesity

Out from many childhood obesity effects, diabetes is the most common one. Child obesity causes type 2 diabetes that formerly happens a lot in adults. But children and adolescents who are obese are more likely to develop this disease.

As the case of childhood obesity is increasing, many experts predict that more children will develop diabetes even it could happen after being born. Hence, please be careful of the symptoms because the childhood obesity effects will give further and long-term effects when the kids already got diabetes

Because of diabetes, your child can experience a problem with the eye or worse kidney. This is happening because your child’s body doesn’t metabolize glucose properly. The glucose will later be stored and affect other organs. 

2. Developmental Delay

Childhood obesity can affect not only on health but also on kid’s global development. That is all happening because kids who are obese might have difficulties to move actively. Active playing is very important in the development of social, cognitive, and physical development of your child. If they are obese, they most likely have difficulties to move actively or might feel lazy to move more.

As a matter of fact, playing is very important for healthy kids. Moving a lot will improve their motoric and sensory aspects of development which is really important for their development. Playing actively is also a great tool to improve their cognitive aspect accordingly kids need to play to have healthy balanced lifestyle.

For older kids who already know the concept of self image, it might affect their emotional state since being obese might give negative bad image from them. So having healthy weight is really important for kid’s global development.

3. Infertility

There are many childhood obesity effects that do not happen when they are still a child but later in their lifetime. One of them is infertility. Especially for women, obesity is the cause of their fertility struggles. It is caused by the increase of leptin hormone in their bodies.

This hormone works can disrupt the fertility level of women. For example, the leptin hormone can affect the menstrual cycle for a woman. On the other hand, obesity for men can affect the quality of sperm. So for both women and men, maintaining a balanced body is very important to be able to be fertile.

4. Stroke

There are many more childhood obesity effects, but now let’s check how obesity can cause stroke. Stroke can happen to someone when a blockage or bleed of the blood vessels interrupts the supply of blood to the brain.

So in that case, the brain does not receive enough oxygen to continue its work. But how does obesity cause it? Obesity leads to high cholesterol levels. Not only that, obesity leads to elevated blood glucose too. Both of them will harm the blood vessels.

And it is not a surprise if the blockage of blood to the brain happens and stroke strikes your child.

5. Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of many childhood obesity effects that you should be aware of. The risk of this disease is higher in obese children because they are more likely to have high cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Obese children are considered children with risk factors for heart diseases.

Because obese children have unhealthy eating habits and less exercise, the arteries are hardening and become atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the most common cause of heart disease you have to know.

Not only that, the high blood pressure that is often found in obese children is also not good for the heart. It can strain the heart and cause sudden death. So please watch out for your obese children and help them to have healthy balanced lifestyle.

6. Autism and Obesity

Obesity and autism are connected. But obesity is not the cause of autism , and vice versa, autism is also not the cause of obesity. However, it is acknowledged that 41% of children with autism are more likely to develop obesity.

Yet, the cause is not their autism disorder. It is purely because they love to eat foods that are high in sugar and salt. On top of that, it is hard to take autistic children to exercise regularly. So it is not a surprise if more and more autistic children end up obese.

As a parent of autistic children, you can prevent childhood obesity effects. The best way is to teach them to exercise and plan their diet intensively.

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7. Asthma

Even though asthma is one of many childhood obesity effects, most researchers are still not sure about how the two of them are linked to each other. But obesity indeed is one of the risk factors of severe asthma.

As we know that not all people with asthma are overweight. Nonetheless, children who are obese most likely have asthma because of the fat body increasing around the breathing area. That is why you have to be careful if your child is obese. pay attention carefully if they have breathing problems or not.

8. Bone, Joint, and Muscle Health Problem

Extra weight causes extra stress on kids’ bone, joint and muscles, especially on hips and knees. This condition can cause pain and sometimes injuries in some areas.

Bones grow and develop in size and firmness during childhood in an area called ‘the growth plate’: an area that regulate and aid forming the shape and length of a bone to full growth and development. And extra weight gives an adds more stress on the growth plate which can result early arthritis, a bigger risk for broken bones, and other serious bone health problems.

9. Sleep Apnea

Last but not least childhood obesity effects can result in the form of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a serious health problem that is needed to treat and heal. Children who are obese experience sleep apnea: having difficulty breathing while sleeping.

This is a life-threatening condition because obstructive sleep apnea can cause heart failure too. And it is really dangerous for younger children.

Solution for Childhood Obesity

Solution for Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity effects are solved with solutions. Or to avoid them, you need to apply prevention acts. But what are the solutions and prevention that you can do? How do you know they are effective or not? You can learn about three effective ways as a solution as well as prevention for child obesity below.

Please read through it and apply it immediately!

Diet/meal plan for obesity

Child obesity is the result of unhealthy eating habits. So to solve the problems, you need to start by applying a healthy diet plan. A diet plan which is also known as a meal plan includes every food that your child will eat each day.

In that plan, you will know how many calories your child will get from the food they eat. But the main focus is you have to cut back the level of the calories they eat. Plan for a lot of water instead of coke and soda. And stop giving them fast food.

If your children love their sweet snacks, change them to fresh foods. For example, instead of donuts, give them fruits. This tip for making a diet plan for obesity is really effective. It is also already acknowledged as a solution to counter the childhood obesity effects.

To make a more precise diet plan, you can get additional help from a nutritionist. So even if you cut back some foods, your child will not lose any source of nutrition they need to grow up.

Exercise for obesity

Nowadays, screen time can also cause obesity in children. Playing the computer, watching television, or using smartphones too much can make your child lazy and hates the idea of exercising. So, you have to lead them to do more physical activities.

Start by limiting the screen time. Don’t let them play with their gadgets or watch televisions too long. You can plan a routine exercise to help solve all those childhood obesity effects. And as it is for children, try to find fun ideas for exercising.

For example, you can ask them to play jump rope or even as simple as playing hide and seek. Any form of exercise can help to burn your child’s body fat. And it is also healthy to exercise daily for any reason.

Drugs for obesity

This is the last solution that can be used in childhood obesity. If the childhood obesity effects are not severe enough, you better opt-out of this option of using drugs for obesity. But if there are no other ways, doctors can prescribe a medicine for the treatment of childhood obesity.

There is only one medication that is safe to use for obese children, it is Orlistat. This medicine can be used for children aged 12 years or above. But the natural ways of losing weight such as diet and exercising are more recommended instead of using this drug.

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Childhood Obesity Prevention

Overall, the prevention ways of childhood obesity are not different from how you can solve it. The main focus is on maintaining a healthy life. A healthy life is a balanced life. So what you need to teach your children is a lifestyle that includes a balance activity between eating and exercising.

You as parents have to know how to say no. You should not let your children eat whatever they want to eat. If you know, they already eat too many sweets then stop it. The same with the habit of eating fast food. If you let your child always get what they want since younger, later on, it will be harder to repair their eating habits.

Besides that, you also need to expose your children to a variety of physical activities. Let them know how to work their body and how to be active. This way, your child’s weight will be easier to control. And the childhood obesity effects will be easier to prevent.

Is Obesity a Disease?

Since 2013, obesity has already been declared a disease. But it is a complex disease that has many health problems following it. Start from diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, sleep apnea, until heart failure is all medical problems that your child must face as the child obesity affects.

Do you still think about obesity as a simple overweight case? You should not. Obesity is dangerous and has many effects on your child’s physical and social condition. So, you should try to prevent it as well as you can!

What Food Causes Childhood Obesity?

What Food Causes Childhood Obesity

As has been mentioned above, a diet plan is the best way to solve and prevent childhood obesity effects. But to make a perfect diet plan, you have to know what food to eat and food to avoid. About food to avoid, of course, you should avoid food that causes obesity. What are they?

Several foods are known as the cause of obesity easily, they are:

  • Sweet beverages; many drinks are considered as sweet beverages. And most of them are loved by children. Fruit drinks, soda, and bubble tea are the top three of sweet beverages that children love to consume every day.
  • Processed Meats; you have to limit processed meats in your child’s diet plan. Processed meats such as ham, sausage, and bacon are loaded with calories and kilojoules. They are one of the main reasons body fats are developed in your child’s body.
  • Refined grains; please watch out the consumption of refined grains too. If your child eats too much white rice, pasta, and white bread, then it can cause the increase of carbs in the body. It is not broken down fast and can increase the blood sugar level significantly.
  • Fast foods; the last food that you should be aware can cause obesity is fast food. Any type of fast food is not good for your child’s health. Especially cakes, pastries, and processed meats.

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