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5 Causes of Kids Cough and Best Treatment for It

A child’s body is known to be vulnerable to any kind of illness. That is why they are easily caught in the flu and end up coughing all day. Cough in children can produce a big sound too, just like a cough in adults.

To help your coughing child, you need to know about the type of cough and what treatments you can try for them at home. Follow the explanation below to know all about your kids cough!

Kid With Dry Cough

The first thing you need to know as a parent is the type of cough your child has. Coughs come in many types. The most popular ones are wet cough and dry cough. Wet cough in kids produces a sound that is full of mucus or phlegm. Meanwhile, kids with a dry cough will not produce such sounds.

By knowing the type of cough that your child experiences, you can determine what type of treatments you can give to them. For a new parent, distinguishing dry and wet cough in children is not easy. But as time goes on, you will eventually know the different sounds they make.

Remedy for Kids Cough

Remedy for Kids Cough

You can do several treatments at home as a remedy for kids’ coughs. But doctors usually differentiate each medicine for kids’ cough based on the cause of it. Generally, viruses are the cause of kids’ cough. So without any medicine, the cough will be stopping on its own.

But some kids might feel the cough a lot harder than other children. In that case, medicines that are prescribed by the doctors can help. Usually, the doctors won’t prescribe antibiotics. This is why some parents often store cough medicine at home. But before giving it to your child, please always make sure the correct dose is given to your child’s doctor.

And do not give any cough medicines to children under 6 years old, without a doctor’s prescription. To know about the remedy for kids cough in a more detailed explanation, follow the list below. You can read what is the remedy for kids’ cough based on the cause of it.

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Cause of Kids Cough

Cause of Kids Cough

Do you know exactly what happens in someone’s body when coughing? Coughing is a way of the body trying to get rid of an irritant that blocked the respiratory system. That irritant can come from mucus or a foreign object connected to the viruses that may cause it.

Here on the list below, there is an explanation about what is the cause of kids’ cough and how the doctor usually treats it.

1. Viral infections cause cough

Infections can cause kids to cough because of the irritation and inflammation that happened in the airways. Most infections are caused by viruses and lead to a condition of children having flu, cough, and even cold.

Sometimes, the coughing gets worse at night and your children may lose their voice. That is why you need to know how to stop the viral infections that cause kids to cough. You can’t give antibiotics as it is not caused by bacterial infections.

The doctor usually suggests parents give Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen to kids over  6 months old. As long as your children are getting better, you don’t have to bring them to the doctor. For two weeks after, your children may show symptoms as the inflammation still lingering and in the process of healing.

2. Asthma and cough

Kids cough because asthma can be tough to diagnose. Because there are no specific symptoms of asthma shown in every child. The symptoms are varied and coughing is only one of them. You can figure out whether your child has asthma or not but determine what’s causing their coughs.

If your kids cough keeps happening when they face triggers like smoke, perfumes, or smoke, then you better bring them to see the doctor. Because asthma treatments vary based on what’s causing it.

 Generally, medicines for asthma that cause kids cough can help lower the inflammation in the airways. And if your child is already diagnosed with asthma by the doctors, you need to always bring the type of medicines that can be a quick relief when the symptoms happen.

3. Allergies cause cough

Some children also cough because of allergies. Cough is a common allergic reaction. So if you are sure that your kid’s cough is not caused by virus nor asthma, then maybe he/ she has an allergy.

To know what is the allergen that causes your kids’ allergy, you can bring them to take an allergies test. Common allergens found in children are dairy foods, animals, or dust. If your kids are exposed to the allergens, they will experience a respiratory block that causes the cough.

To avoid cough because of allergies, you need to avoid the triggers. Or you can also try allergy remedies that are quite popular nowadays. It can recommend to you the best plan to manage your child’s allergy.

4. Irritation cough

Kids cough because of respiratory inflammation can happen as they are exposed to environmental irritants. Their throats will become dry and coughing is not possible to stop. The type of irritants that you need to be careful of is dust, pollution, cigarette smoke, and too dry air.

If you often found your kids cough when exposed to any of the irritants mentioned above, it means they are susceptible to irritation. You need to check your child to know more about her/ his conditions. On top of that, you can also get the best remedy for your child’s condition.

5. Somatic cough

There is also a cough that doesn’t have a clear cause. In that case, doctors call it somatic cough. This cough type will not be cured by the usual treatment given for other causes, as these coughs are the body response to the underlying psychological problem.

The cough can last until more than 6 months. The only way to cure the cough is by solving the psychological problem that happened. If your child experiences this somatic cough, he/ she will likely be referred to a child psychologist to receive treatment and consultation.

Kid Cough and Fever

A common kids cough comes with fever. This situation is called cold in the medical world. Usually, your child will have a fever around 39°C to 40°C. The fever is normal as your child’s body is fighting the viruses that cause cough.

Your kids might also have a runny nose. Again, as long as they are not having any trouble to breathe you don’t have to worry. But if your child experiences difficulty in breathing, see the doctor immediately. It is possible that the cold gets worse because of pneumonia.

To help you control the fever that comes with a cough, you need to have a thermometer ready at home. This is also important as you will give them cold medicines. If they do not have a fever anymore, you have to stop giving them cold medicines.

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Child Cough Vomit

A very severe kid’s cough can end up with vomiting. This is happening because the cough happens very often and their gag reflex makes them throw up. And coughing with vomiting will give them another pain that is hard to describe.

Usually, vomiting in kids’ coughs happened a lot to asthma patients. You don’t have to worry about the vomiting unless it doesn’t stop. It is very normal to vomit once in a while after coughing so much. But, if the vomiting doesn’t stop, you need to call doctors immediately. 

Doctors can help determine what is the real cause of non stop vomiting. And doctors can prescribe the right medicines for your child.

How to Help a Child With Cough at Night?

Child With Cough at Night

Most coughs get worse at night. That is why kids cough can make your child difficult to sleep. Why can it get worse at night? Because when your kids are sleeping, the mucus will drain down the throat and cause the cough to happen a lot more than in daylight.

The same with kids coughing that is caused by asthma. At night, asthma can cause nighttime to be very sensitive to air and cough will likely happen because of it. So what can you do to help your kids cough at night?

  • Give them cool beverages. Hot beverages will worsen the throat. So soothing it with cool beverages is very recommended. But avoid giving your child any drink with soda in it.
  • Give your child honey to soothe their dry throat. Only do this to children over 1 year old.
  • Open the window to let air from outdoors in. Sometimes, air from the outdoors can freshen your child’s respiratory system.
  • Place a humidifier in your child’s bedroom. It can cool the air of the bedroom effectively.
  • Steam up your child’s bedroom. Steam will help your child to breathe easily and sleep peacefully.
  • Use cough drops for older children to treat them faster. But it is better if you consult your doctor first before giving them.

How Long Does a Child’s Cough Last?

Kids cough can last up to two weeks. After that, the symptoms will go away by themselves. If you already do whatever you can do and the cough still hasn’t stopped, you need to call your doctor. Or, if your child has a fever for more than 3 days along with the cough, bring them to the doctor immediately.

Is it Safe to Send My Child With a Cough to School?

A normal kid’s cough, without fever or runny nose, is still safe to go to school. But, if your child experiences a cough with fever and a runny nose, you better not. Your child will not have enough energy to follow the school’s activity in that state. At worst, your child might end up fainting in school. So don’t make kids cough easily, even though it is quite normal in children.

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