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8 Top Breastfeeding Tips for New Mom

Breastfeeding is important and recommended by professionals for the health of both the baby and the mother. The feeding of the baby directly from the mommy is also known to have many benefits. Herewith, we will introduce top breastfeeding tips especially for new mom which is new and has no experiences in breastfeeding yet.

The Importance of Breastfeeding/ Benefit in Breastfeeding

The Benefit Of Breastfeeding

For the first breastfeeding tips, breast milk has everything that your baby needs from protein, vitamins, and fat. It can be equated as a perfect and ideal meal for the baby. Only by consuming breast milk, the baby already has enough nutrition to grow healthily. Further, by drinking breast milk, the baby can be protected from some illnesses. Besides it is good for health, breastfeeding is also important to build a bonding between family. Yes, it is more than food for the baby in a family.

Other point ih breastfeeding tips are that breastfeeding is free, it comes naturally from the mother essence includes the trace of immunity. if fact, giving breastfeeding could give better nutrition and disease protection for the baby in comparison with complex cow mix formula. for the last and the best, breastfeed can also help you mom to lose weight and return to your proportional body shape.

One of the essential breastfeeding tips is that a mother needs to hold the baby close to her body during breastfeeding. This position makes the baby can feel, smell, see the mother. More than that, the baby can also hear the mother’s heartbeat, and then without extra effort a loving bond between them already connected greatly.

That is the importance of breastfeeding even though it may be difficult to do at the start. But don’t be afraid to take some time to get used to it then you will experience how breastfeeding benefited your family and society.

How to Breastfeeding

Everyone agrees that the start of breastfeeding is not easy. You will need help from your family and friends to keep going on it. And of course, you need to know several main things on how to breastfeed. 

How to breastfeeding

First, you need to know how to latch the baby onto your breast properly. This position might take a few tries before you get used to and know what proper position to breastfeed the baby is. If the latch is improper, it may cause breast discomfort like nipple sore and cracked. So, you need to make sure the baby’s mouth perfectly covers both the nipple and the areola. This way, the baby can massage the milk out of the glands using the mouth, tongue, or lips. 

Next, don’t forget to keep a hold of your breast until the baby can suckling it well with a firm grasp. Listen carefully to the sound of the baby’s swallowing and gulping. There should be a rhythmic sound to show that the baby is suckling it well and not only gumming nipples without any milk.

8 Top breastfeeding tips

1. Breastfeeding should be fun and never hurt

First breastfeeding tips is that breastfeeding activity should be fun without any hurt to the mom and the baby. First of all, without experience, many of us think it is normal to have cracked and sore nipples because of breastfeeding. But that is so wrong. You should not push through the pain and keep breastfeeding the baby. Breastfeeding should never hurt. If it is hurt you, then it shows that you are not latching the baby properly to your breast.

For the first week of breastfeeding, yes it might be very clueless for you. But, you need to keep changing and trying to find the proper breastfeeding position. With this method, you and the baby can figure out it gradually. If you already found the proper breastfeeding position, then the nursing process can be done in a fun way and efficiently.

2. Find the best breastfeeding position for your baby

Second breastfeeding tips is to find the best position to breastfeed your baby. As you may already know so far, breastfeeding process is not easy mostly because of the position adjustment of breastfeeding. If you don’t pay attention to the best position, the process of breastfeeding will take too much time. 

Nowadays, there is a course on breastfeeding to help you know how to find the best position for breastfeeding. But in practice, every baby is different and they will likely find the best position for them which works for you too. But here are several things to take note of while you are finding the best breastfeeding position for your baby.

  • Positioned the baby’s mouth right at the level of your nipple.
  • Hold the baby’s front body facing yours, as in tummy to tummy.
  • The baby’s face should be in line with the body, not turned, but slightly tilted backward to make it easier to swallow the milk.
  • The baby’s chin and the tip of the nose should be touching your breast.

After all the things mentioned above, you need to remember to not push your breast into the baby’s mouth. Never. Just let the baby take the initiative but keep a hold of your breast until the baby finds the most comfortable position for them.

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3. Find your baby’s need rather of waiting them to cry

For the third breastfeeding tips, you need to know when your baby is hungry, don’t wait until them to cry. Many of us misunderstood that the baby will cry when he/she feels hungry. However, you should learn to communicate with your baby about when they need something. Don’t wait for the baby to cry for breastfeeding, because that is not the only sign that babies give when they need the milk. Once you get use to it, breastfeeding’s process will be fun for you and your baby.

There are several signs which can help you to figure out that your baby is hungry, they will:

  • sucking their hand continuously
  • sticking out their tongue
  • keep open and close their mouth
  • repeatedly turn or raise their head

From now on, if you see your baby doing several moves above, you can offer your breast. The baby then can be happy because you are always giving them the attention they need. And again, the level of intimacy between the mother and the baby can get better day by day.

4. Find comfy position while breastfeeding

In the forth breastfeeding tips, you need to find a comfy position while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding while holding the baby to face the breast for a long time is not comfy. If you keep doing this, you will end up with a burden every time the time of breastfeeding comes. You will also suffer from shoulder, neck, and back pain. That is why you need to find a comfy position while breastfeeding. 

If you breastfeeding in an unsupported sitting position especially, you will need to keep moving. If you keep doing that, the baby will irritate because their mealtime is disrupted continuously. You need to find the comfiest position every time you face breastfeeding time.

At least there are two recommended comfy positions for you.

First, you can breastfeed by lie on your side. This position is comfortable and a must choice if you breastfeed the baby in a room with a bed. Just lies on your side and positioned the baby to face you.

Next, if you must sit to breastfeed then please sit in a reclined position. Place your baby in your arms and support your back with pillows. Just choose which one is right for you depending on your surrounding. But please make sure to always focus on your comfort to give the best experience in nursing sessions.

5. Lie down and breathe properly

The fifth breastfeeding tips, please don’t stress while breastfeeding. You have to control your stress because it will worsen the process of feeding your baby. The baby can sense if their mothers are stressed and might end up stressed as well. If the baby is stress, they will not latch correctly to your breast.

Even worse, if you are stressed, your body will suppress the oxytocin hormone and blocked the produced milk to let down. The baby will have difficulty gulping the milk and end up hungry. That is why you need to always breathe before feeding your baby.

Breath is always a great way to get relax. So, please breathe in and out to making sure you and the baby can enjoy the process of breastfeeding.

To help you relax, you can always choose where you want to breastfeed the baby. If you think the environment is uncomfortable, then find an alternative room or place. Don’t forget that breastfeeding is more than food, it is a bonding session between you and your baby. That is why you need to find the best place for nursing and feel the happiness of having an intimate time with the baby.

6. While breastfeeding, give a blanket or a toy to your baby

The breastfeeding tips number six, give a blanket or a toy to your baby when you breastfeeding them. The baby’s hands will keep moving to grab everything around them while being feed. That is why you need to prepare a toy or blanket for the baby to hold. If the baby holds them while breastfeeding, then you can save yourself from being scratched or pulled by the hair.

7. Wear comfy and supportive bra

Breastfeeding will also make your breasts uncomfortable. That is why you need to choose your bra carefully while breastfeeding. Opt-out the tight-fitting bra or clothes.  As the breastfeeding tips number 7, always wear a comfy and supportive bra as long as you are still breastfeeding. If the bra is giving out too much pressure on the breast then the circulation of the milk will be blocked.

8. If your nipples are bitten, cracked or sore, heal it with the milk

For the last breastfeeding tips, heal your bitten and cracked nipple with the milk. Having cracked or sore nipples will demotivate you to breastfeed. Especially if the baby already starts teething, every time the baby’s teeth touch the nipple then it will be hurt. You can speed up the healing process of cracked or sore nipples by using the milk. Let the milk dry on your nipple every nursing session and you will get better right away.

How long does the average mom breastfeed?

Every nursing session typically will last for at least 20 minutes. But in some cases, the breastfeeding time for each baby can be different. Don’t misunderstand that longer feeding time will make your nipples more sorer and crack. That is not the case. Sore and cracked nipples are the result of improper latching. So, just expect and be ready to face more or less feeding time.

What is the most comfortable position in breastfeeding?

Basically, the most comfortable position in breastfeeding is every position that can make you and your baby relax. As already mentioned above, you can lie on your side with the baby facing your breast. There are 3 most popular baby feeding positions as explained below.

  • Cradle Hold

This position is probably the most popular position either for a breastfed-baby or bottle-fed baby. You can position the baby to lie on your lap. Place your baby’s head to face you and lie it on your forearm. Your baby’s nose should touch your nipple if you are breastfeeding them. Do not forget to place a pillow on your back to hold your position for a longer time.

  • Lying on One Side

This can be the best option for a baby feeding position. And yes, you can use it either you are breastfeeding or formula-feeding your baby. Just place yourself lying on one side and place the baby to face you if you are breastfeeding. But, if you are formula-feeding your baby, place them lying on their back and hold the bottle to their mouth.

  • Rugby Hold

This position is popular for mothers with twins. You can breastfeed them at the same time. But bottle-fed babies can not drink their milk in this position. Just like feeding in a cradle hold, you need to sit in a comfortable position while feeding your baby in this position.

In some cases, breastfeeding in this position will lead to a situation where the mother and the baby fell asleep together. It is not a problem and become a really good time to develop bond between the mother and the baby in every nursing session.

What are disadvantages of breastfeeding?

As breastfeeding your baby can give so many benefits, behind all of them there are also disadvantages to be understand. These are a few of them that you can use to face breastfeeding sessions with better preparation.

  • You will not know exactly how much milk the baby already drink.
  • You need to prepare special clothing for the feeding session. Choose a cloth with front buttons or that can open easily.
  • Hard to do in public. You need to find a private spot to breastfeed.
  • Suffer from several pains (back, neck, and shoulder)
  • The baby will ask for feed more often
  • Lost sexual desire and suffer from sexual frustration.

Hopefully, by knowing this beforehand you can communicate with your family and friends to get support and strength to keep going.

Why is breast milk so good for babies?

Breastfeeding is a very blissful chance you will not regret for the rest of your life. Especially if you know how breast milk is benefited your babies. Breast milk is so good for babies in so many ways. Let’s check out several findings below to understand it.

  • It contains every nutrition the baby needs to grow. It has vitamins, protein, and fat.
  • It can prevent bladder or kidney infections as babies have weak bladder and kidney.
  • It can be free from the risk of obesity and diabetes.
  • It does not cause allergies like formula milk for some babies.
  • It gives constant and continuous intimate session with the mother

That is all you need to know about top breastfeeding tips for the new mom. After all, to start breastfeeding your baby, all you need is courage and will. If you know that breast milk is the best meal you can give to your baby, then you will keep going. You will figure out how to be better in breastfeeding as time goes on. So don’t give up and keep learning to breastfeed. Eventually, you will experience the importance of it for your baby, family, even society. 

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