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Baby Vaccines Pros and Cons That Parents Should Know!

Having babies is not an easy task. You get so many responsibilities along with the baby itself. One of them is you have to make sure that your baby grows up healthy. Vaccinations are compulsory to support children’s development from birth. But there are still many debates on whether vaccination is safe for babies or not.

In such a situation, parents will have a lot of concerns. And there is no choice other than finding out what baby vaccines pros and cons are. You need to find out what are the pros and if there are any cons of getting vaccines shot for your baby. If you are well-understand all the findings, the debates over baby vaccines pros and cons will not disturb you ever again.

Pros of Baby Vaccines

Pros of Baby Vaccines

Let’s start with the pros of baby vaccines. As proponents of baby vaccinations claim, vaccines are safe. Parents do not have to worry about the effect it has on their babies. Is it true?

Well, yes! That is the fact. Many studies can provide all proofs and explanations you need. Vaccines indeed save lives. Instead of affecting a baby’s health negatively, vaccines can reduce the death rate of the baby. It is a lot better compared to what happens before vaccines are available.

Before the 20th century, there were so many children who died because of infectious diseases like measles, rubella, polio, and diphtheria. But nowadays, the death rate of a baby because of those reasons is significantly small. If any, that may happen because the babies don’t get vaccinated.

Aside from the fact that vaccines save lives, you don’t have to worry about their safety. Vaccines are safe. Before they are ready to be used, each vaccine needs to pass several clinical tests. At the very least, each vaccine is available to be used after a decade of testing and monitoring.

You are encouraged to get your baby vaccinated because it will save you time and money. If your baby is sick, you need to pay bigger money for the medical cost and time cost to take care of them. The amount of money you need for vaccines is surely a lot smaller than what you will lose later.

You may feel uncertain about how the vaccine’s side effects will affect your baby. But you have to know that there is almost no major side effect of vaccines. If there is any side effect, it is not a serious one. Your baby might experience a mild allergy and fever, but it will go away on its own.

Are you sure you want to pass all those pros of getting baby vaccines? You better not! If you are still contemplating the risk or disadvantages of vaccines, follow the next explanation to know more about them.

Cons of Baby Vaccines

Cons of Baby Vaccines

Now, you are going to learn the next layer of baby vaccines pros and cons. Specifically, you will learn about the cons part. Many experts are against vaccination pros that have been mentioned above.

They disagree about the safety of vaccines that people are always bragging about. For them, vaccines are actually harmful and can cause many side effects on the baby’s health. What is the fact about this statement?

Although it is very rare, indeed a few vaccination cons can result in side effects. Most of them are severe allergic reactions. But the chance of getting it is very small. It only happens to one child in a million. So you don’t need to be afraid to vaccinate your baby.

Another discussion that often appears when talking about baby vaccines pros and cons is whether it can damage the baby’s brain or not. Until now, there is an association between MMR and DTaP vaccines with brain-damage. But there is still a need for more research to explain this issue.

For many people against vaccinations, autism, asthma, and diabetes are said to be connected to it. But no such evidence occurs and you are encouraged to not believe such information.

We all know that vaccinations and its rules are made by the government and not the parents. But it does not directly mean you as parents lost your freedom to determine medical choices for your children. So you better focus on how the government is trying to help our next generations safe and free from such illnesses.

If you want to know more about baby vaccines pros and cons from the against parties, please read the following explanation.

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Baby Vaccines to Avoid

As you can conclude from the explanation about baby vaccines pros and cons above, there are experts that are against the idea of babies receiving vaccinations in the form of immunizations. The biggest refusal addressed to a list of baby vaccines to avoid for a specific reason.

What are they? And what is the truth behind them?

  • DTaP vaccines

This vaccine is one of the vaccines that most parents refuse to get for their babies. Even though it can protect the baby’s body from a disease such as diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis, people who refuse it say it can cause brain damage.

But that is completely wrong. The DTaP vaccines are safe. Your baby can get it and will not suffer from brain damage. But for babies who had a severe allergic reaction after the first dose of DTaP vaccinations, it is true that they are recommended to not get this vaccine again.

The reason behind the severe allergic reaction of some babies after DTaP vaccinations is they are allergic to aluminum. Aluminum is one of the many components of this vaccine. But other than those reasons, DTaP vaccines are safe.

  • Hepatitis A vaccines

Another vaccine that is very important but so many people are against getting is HepA vaccine. This vaccine is used to help your body fight HepA virus that causes liver diseases. Newborns in the high-risk area are highly recommended to get this vaccine.

It is the same for adults who didn’t receive the vaccination during childhood but will travel to those areas. But for some people who are allergic to aluminum or neomycin it is recommended to not get this vaccine. 

  • Hepatitis B vaccines

This is another vaccine that can help people’s bodies to fight liver diseases. And the spreading media of this virus is infected blood or liquid. That is why it is very recommended to give to newborns as soon as possible.

About why in baby vaccination pros and cons discussion this vaccine is considered to be avoided, it is because of the allergic reaction of it. Some people may experience a severe allergy to any of the vaccine components. Other than that, there is no problem with the result of this vaccine use.

  • Influenza vaccines

The last baby vaccine that is often said should be avoided is the influenza vaccine. Your baby should not get vaccinated for influenza if still younger than 6 months old. You should talk to your doctor if your baby has a history of asthma before vaccinations.

If your baby has not developed any of the conditions mentioned above, you don’t have to worry to get your baby vaccinated with an influenza shot.

Vaccine Baby Side Effect

Vaccine Baby Side Effect

The common reason for parents debating over baby vaccines pros and cons is the side effects. Side effects of vaccination are varied. You just need to understand how to deal with it. Here are the three most common vaccination’s side effects of vaccination that you should know.

1. Baby With Fever After Vaccines

A fever after vaccines is not a serious condition. It is very common and experienced by the majority of the baby after almost every vaccine shot. Usually, it will begin within 24 hours after vaccinations. And it will go away in one or two days.

Why does your baby have a fever after vaccinations? This may be the biggest question of all parents. This is also one of the reasons why baby vaccines pros and cons can become a hot topic.

Babies have a fever after vaccination because the body starts to recognize the disease. After that, the immune system will fight them off. And when it happens, the fever will go down in no time.

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2. Baby Congested After Vaccines

This side effect occurs only after influenza vaccine shots. Not all babies experience congestion after vaccines, nevertheless, it is still one of the hot topics in baby vaccines pros and cons.

Approximately, only 10% of all vaccinated babies get this congested nose. A congested nose is a condition where the breathing process is slightly blocked because of the runny nose.

With the help of a doctor, your baby’s condition will get better in a short time. So don’t worry and don’t be afraid to get an influenza vaccine for your baby.

3. Baby Not Sleeping After Vaccines

Depending on the type of the vaccines, your baby can also experience a side effect of not sleeping after the shot. This is also very common and not a critical condition to worry about.

Usually, babies are not sleeping after DTaP vaccinations. Therefore many people who are against vaccinations use it as a reason for debating over baby vaccines pros and cons. But that is not actually a problem.

Your baby doesn’t sleep after DTaP vaccinations because of the fever and pain in the injection area. Giving them a medicine that is prescribed by the doctor will surely help them to sleep better.

Mercury in Children’s Vaccines

The last common topic in baby vaccines pros and cons is mercury inside most children’s vaccines. Before 1999, mercury in the form of thimerosal was widely used in most vaccines. As thimerosal is a form of mercury and it is a naturally-occurring element, it can be harmful to children, moreover babies.

But after 1999, the use of thimerosal in vaccines was already eliminated. Almost every vaccine has no thimerosal. It is only found in influenza vaccines now. So, the topic of mercury in baby vaccines pros and cons is not relevant anymore.

Baby Vaccine Cost

Baby Vaccine Cost

Parents all agree that the cost of baby vaccinations is quite high. But the cost you have to pay if your child has all the diseases that can be prevented by vaccinations is a lot higher. Therefore you are recommended to take your baby to get vaccinated based on each vaccine schedule.

You don’t have to worry about the cost as often people debating over baby vaccines pros and cons topic. You are not obligated to have all the money at one time. Baby vaccine cost is paid separately after each vaccination has been done.

But a rough calculation of how much money is needed for baby vaccination during their first life, you will spend around 264 USD on average. The cost may vary based on where you get the vaccinations. But the range of price will be between 192 USD to 247 USD.

Myths About Vaccines

In the anti-vaccine movement, there are many myths about baby vaccines pros and cons that you can find. The most common one is people saying that their baby developed the disease after being vaccinated. But this is truly a misconception about vaccines.

Vaccines are not used to avoid disease but to develop immunity to the disease. It means that even though the babies have the disease after vaccinations, they will not suffer from severe symptoms. They can recover fast and perfectly.

Another myth about vaccines that is still believed by many people is DTaP can cause sudden infant death. The connection between the two of them is wrong. There is no connection and logical explanation between the two events.

What Does the Vaccine Contain?

If you are worried about the content of the vaccines that is why you are joining the debate over baby vaccines pros and cons, you need to follow this explanation. You don’t have to worry about what is in vaccines from now on. Because everything that is used in it is safe or to keep it safe.

Each vaccine contains a small dose of the bacteria or virus that cause the disease. But they are all weakened or already inactive. So when they are injected into the baby’s body, the immune system can recognize it and build protection against it.

Are Vaccines Effective?

The effectiveness of each vaccine varies. But from many studies and research findings, you are highly recommended to get your baby vaccinated. This way your baby can grow healthy without any problems. Baby vaccines pros and cons will always be a debate topic. But you just need to focus on what is best for your baby’s health.

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